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C of E Primary School

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Up, up and away......!

We launched our new science topic (How things move) in style this week.  The children were set a challenge to make a card mouse and make it move by using a plastic bottle.  Most of them soon figured out that if a bottle, filled with air, is squashed or stamped on the air forced out will send the mouse flying. They had great fun experimenting.  Ask your child about it if they haven't already told you. Better still, try out some variations on the investigation.  Could they use other objects to make their mouse move?  It's a great way to learn and have fun together. 

We're also getting more experienced and adept at using coins.  We have started giving change now.  Test them out at home.  If they buy something for 35p and pay with £1 ask them how much change they'd expect to receive.  If that's too much they could always spend less and pay with a 10p, 20p or a 50p coin. 

Look out for an invite early next week.  We're planning to do some baking next Friday.  It will be on our 'moon theme'.  We will be inviting you in after school to purchase the produce from the children.  If you can make it in a little earlier on Friday afternoon to come into the classroom that'd be great. The main purpose is to give the children the opportunity to price the cakes, sell them and give change so bring some loose change with you to support this learning experience.  I'll send out a text next week to confirm details. 

This week's secret phrase is 'Walking on the Moon'. We are getting an average of ten children reading the blog regularly so thank you for being one of them! I hope you are finding it useful to support communication between us all.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Studley and Mrs Ashington.