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C of E Primary School

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A parade of colour at the Easter Bonnet Parade.

Just a quick one I'm sure we're all keen to get on with our Easter holidays; I know I am! 

This week we have been brushing up on our use of verbs as we have been reading and writing instructions.  The children made yummy-looking Easter nests to give them a stimulus for their instruction writing.  The idea is to use a wide variety of verbs in their sentences. This writing has also given me the opportunity to look for them using command sentences in their writing. It's one of the four sentence types they need in order to reach the expected standard for their writing in Year 2. We talked about it at the SATs meeting and it was also on the handout I gave you at parents' evening.

Congratulations to Sienna this week for getting onto pen.  There are many more children who are really close.  Flexi Frog won't allow Sam to go onto pen until he remembers to use capital letters at the start of his sentences even though he has beautiful joined handwriting. 

After the holiday we will be writing stories.  I'm really excited about this. We will be learning about life in this country at the time Queen Elizabeth 2nd came to the throne.  I usually try and link the literacy to our topic where possible. 

Please keep learning the Rainbow words that are in your child's bookbag. I test them when they are ready and some people are whizzing ahead. Congratulations to Darci and Sophia who can spell all the colour bands now.  I'm currrently busy setting up the next spelling challenge for those children who are devouring words.  However, some children are still on the first colour of the rainbow because they haven't been pro-active to come and ask an adult to  test them. This is how big gaps appear in learning rates.  This is a good way to get the children more independent as I prepare them for Key Stage 2.  Plus we can move away from the weekly spelling tests and children are learning at their own rates but I do need more commitment from some of you. 

In maths we have been learning to tell the time on an analogue clock.  It has been lovely to see a few children wearing wrist watches.  Please keep helping your child at home.  It was clear to see those children who have had a lot of help.  It is something you can really make a difference with. 

After Easter we welcome Callum back into our class full time which will be lovely.  We will have an addition to our team for the term;  Mrs Borrett will be working with us four days per week so we extend a warm welcome to her. 

I'm not very good at keeping this blog short! I do hope you have found it useful again this term and use it as a chance to share school life with your child every week. We'll continue next term. Have an enjoyable Easter break.  Read with your child for enjoyment whenever possible but mainly I hope you get out and about and share quality time together so they're happy and refreshed for the start of the summer Term.  See you on Tuesday 18th April. 

Our secret phrase is a year: '1952'.  There'll be a bonus team point for any child that writes down why that year is significant.