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Four day week but off to a flying start

I really am going to keep this one brief on account of the little trip to London I am making this weekend! 

We have been getting super dooper brilliant at learning to tell the time. Most children can at least tell the time to the nearest quarter of an hour with many more being able to read it to the nearest 5 minutes!  I have sent it out on the latest homework sheet that went home earlier this week too. Please keep testing your child; it really helps.

We will be doing a few lessons on sharpening our mental arithmetic skills so as I've said before any times table practise you can help with will be a huge boost for their forthcoming tests in May. We will be doing a few more lessons on reasoning and problem-solving around time beofre we move onto another topic in maths. 

The children have enjoyed revisiting the idea of story writing.  We all had so much fun last time writing our Little Pig stories that the children showed their excitement at the prospect of us writing adventure stories on the theme of the lighthouse and the seaside. We have started by reading one of the Lighthouse books (The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch) to stimulate our ideas.  Ask your child about it to see what they can remember.  It's good for your child to recount the stages of the story.  They should be able to talk in terms of the 5 main parts of a story (opening, build up, problem, resolution and ending). 

Please check your child's bags as some important letters went out this week. One of them was the school trip letter.  We have booked to visit Happisburgh Lighthouse on 12th May.  Another was the afore-mentioned homework sheet.  It'd be good to see the homework coming in whenever possible.  It's a 6 week half term so it gives us all plenty of time. 

I will see you all on Monday! This week's secret phrase is going to be my marathon mantra that I will say in my head when it gets tough....'I can do it.' Our school growth mindset culture is going to be very helpful on Sunday. 

Have a great weekend,

Miss Studley and the Year 2 team.