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Welcome back!

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and a restful break. It is lovely to have you all back and so ready to learn! Just a few admin points: I know most of you have seen or been told by the children that we are starting gymnastics lessons with Mr Carr on a Monday so please make sure PE kits are in school! I will also be handing homework out on a Monday to be in for the following Monday. I will be sending more maths problems, reading questions and grammar challenges home to help secure and stretch the children's thinking. If you have any questions about these, do ask! I'm always happy to help at school as well if doing homework at home is difficult. Just let me know!

We have started reading this book in English. Image result for the tunnel anthony browneWe are really enjoying it and have been thinking about if we would go through a mysterious tunnel ourselves... We have thought a lot about the characters, exploring their differences and feelings. We have also written some advice for Rose about whether or not we think she should go through the tunnel to find her brother and how she can stay brave even though she is scared. We began thinking about describing what the tunnel is like and we will continue describing it next week and can't wait to find out where it leads! 


In Maths we have been exploring money. We can recognise and count coins and notes and find the difference between amounts. We will be extending our thinking to pounds and pence, how we can make the same amount in different ways and thinking about the real life context of working out how much things cost altogether and what change we might get, as if we were in a shop. It would be great if you could try this at home too... I'm sure the children will be sorting finances in no time!

Image result for money

We have started and now finished our short Programming topic and the children have enjoyed programming Bee-Bots to get from A to B, some even having to avoid obstacles. We wrote algorithms to help some animals find their way back to their families and if we made a mistake, had to debug them to correct them. The children were great at this and it really helped us remember our lefts from our right!

Image result for bee bot

We will be starting our new Science topic about plants. I wonder how much you already know? Can you explain how a plant grows? Can you tell me what a plant needs to grow and stay healthy? It would be great if you could come in on Monday with some ideas... perhaps a few team points might be rewarded! The secret word is germination.

 Image result for plants year 2

Have a great weekend! See you Monday!

Miss Everett, Mrs Simpkins and Mr Cuddles

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