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C of E Primary School

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We are Geographers!

Hello all and welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely, relaxing Easter. It doesn't look like too many of you ate so many Easter eggs that you burst and couldn't come to school! We have all come back thirsty to learn which has been great this week as we have started new topics!

In Geography we are going to be learning about Kenya and how it is different and similar to the UK. We have already used atlases to work out where it is, what places and mountains are in it and what is also around it! We also learned that they don't have four seasons like we do! Because the equator goes through Kenya, it is always warm and they have wet and dry seasons throughout the year instead! We did work out it as cold on top of Mount Kenya though, so as we were deciding what things we would need to pack if we were going to Kenya, some children fancied the idea of taking skis with them to ski down the mountain!


In English we have looked at the legend of St George and the Dragon as it was St George's Day on Tuesday. We then read George and the Dragon by Chris Wormell, and George wasn't quite the character we expected him to be! The children showed great predicting skills and could make links with other books they had read that were similar. We loved the description in the story and can't wait to write our own version over the next few weeks! 


In Maths we have been consolidating our measuring skills and even measured how far some of us could run in 5 seconds. We though lots about questions which said 'how much longer' or had missing information we needed to find out using the bar model to help us.  Our measuring skills came in handy in PE this week when we practised the standing long jump and had to measure how far we jumped! We have also started looking at 2D and 3D shapes, using the proper vocabulary such as vertices (or vertex if there's only one!), edges, faces, sides, curved and straight. 


I am looking forward to all that the Summer Term holds and it has been lovely seeing how much progress the children have made, especially when you look at the first page of their Year 2 books and compare them with now. I am so proud of you all, and we haven't even finished Year 2 yet! Keep up the hard work and you'll soar! The secret word is: symmetry. 

Have a hopefully-sunny weekend!

Miss Everett, Miss Simpkins, Mr Cuddles and Attendance Ted (who we won this week!)