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C of E Primary School

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What a wet week we've had!

Year 2 made a splash in the pool this week, really impressing, me, Mrs Simpkins and our swim teacher with their confidence, willingness to try and perseverance in Monday's swim lesson! Keep it up! We only have two more sessions (Monday 8th, Thursday 18th) but the children will be swimming again in Year 3, to build on what they have started. 

We have also been getting a little wet in Science, as we explored the statement 'hard materials cannot absorb water'. We proved this partly wrong because we found that thick cardboard, cork and chalk all absorbed the water we put on them with a pipette. Even Miss Everett's sandal wasn't waterproof! The children had to design the experiment themselves and find their own way of recording their results and there was some great teamwork taking place.

Would you also believe we got wet in Maths too?! We have been looking at measures, starting off with mass, exploring how heavy objects were, deciding if it was best to use grams or kilograms and solving problems too! We then moved onto capacity and had to make estimates about how many cupfuls of water would fill different sized and shaped containers before we actually tested it. Some of our results were quite surprising! The secret word is 'provider' (noun - God is a provider)

In English, we have continued to write our alternative Goldilocks stories and I have been so impressed by the children's vocabulary and ability to change the original story to suit their own. Keep it up! I have also been encouraging some children to start joining their handwriting and some children even received their pen licenses today! Congratulations!

We are visiting Great Yarmouth Fire Station on Friday 12th July, letters have gone out, so please make sure you've handed in the permission slip by Wedndesday so that we can organise lunches for those who need them.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Everett, Mrs Simpkins and Mr Cuddles