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C of E Primary School

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We found out about Iwa Ji (The New Yam festival) celebrated in West Africa at Harvest time.

We have been busy this week securing our understanding of place value in Maths, looking at tens and ones and part-whole models and using these to help us compare numbers using the <, > or = sign. We're definitely improving!

In English we have been coming up with lots of ideas for what Traction Man could be doing, what he would be wearing, who he is saving and how he defeats the bad guy. This has allowed us to really use our knowledge of nouns and adjectives and has helped stretch our imaginations! I can't wait to see what the children write next week as they come to write their own Traction Man adventure!

In Science we have been wondering! I asked the children 'what if all materials were transparent?' and 'what if all materials were stretchy?' We came up with a list of good and bad reasons and decided that if everything were transparent, then we would certainly not like the lack of privacy! And if everything were stretchy it could be quite fun leaning on different objects! We also learned how plastic and crayons were made and were surprised that they both started off as oil from the ground!

To celebrate Harvest, we looked at the West African festival of Iwa Ji (New Yam Festival). We learned that yams are the most important crop and they thank God for them each year by celebrating in their communities. The oldest man in the community has to bless the new crop of yams and also gets to eat the first one. As Finlay was the oldest man in the class, he got to do this! We all had a feast of sweet potato crisps (instead of yams!) and then celebrated in the same way the African communities would by singing and dancing together! The children had so much fun and their manners were absolutely beautiful when sharing the food.

Have great weekend, 

Miss Everett, Mrs Simpkins and Pixie