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C of E Primary School

Bee-Bots, Tunnels and Division

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New Year, New Topics, Same Amazing Children!

What a brilliant bunch we are! We have all settled back into the swing of it (after a slightly sleepy Monday!) and are really on fire!

We have been learning lots this week. We started the week off imagining what we would do if a tunnel appeared in the whiteboard... Would we go through it? Why? If we had a friend with us would you follow them through it? What would be on the other side? We then started reading The Tunnel by Anthony Brown and met Rose and Jack - siblings who are not at all alike but who are forced to play together and come across a tunnel... We don't know what they do yet (that's next week's adventure) but we have been using expanded noun phrases to describe the characters after learning all about them in the beginning of the book. 

In Maths, we have started learning about division and have realised that if we can share things into equal groups, then we can divide! This has also helped us to think about odd and even numbers and the numicon really helped us to see that we can share even numbers equally between two groups but we can't share odd numbers equally between two groups!

Our topic this week has been Programming. We have been using the Bee-Bots (electronic and paper!) to program it to follow a path. We had to work out the algorithms first (instructions) and if it went the wrong way we had to debug the algorithm (correct the mistakes). We have enjoyed this topic a lot but we will be starting a new Geography topic next week comparing Kenya and the UK.

Have a lovely weekend, 

Miss Everett, Mrs Simpkins, Pixie and Attendance Ted!