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C of E Primary School

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We celebrated World Mental Health Day with words of encouragement!

Our mental health is really important, so we decided to create some encouraging hearts and stars to put around the classroom to give others a boost when they might be feeling down. We know that we can lend an ear to those who might want to talk to us about their feelings and will help any one in need. I have also set up a small challenge on Google Classroom. It is a question for the children to answer about the acts of kindness they do between now and next Friday. If they respond to the question with their good deeds, then they will get 5 team points and a raffle ticket for spreading kindness. Good luck!

In English, we started the week being bossy and learned about command sentences. We have then been doing a whole-class shared write to tell the next part of the Traction Man story where he is relaxing on the book boat in the middle of the cosmic Carpet Sea about to be eaten by the menacing shark scissors! The vocabulary the children are coming up with has been great and I've been really pleased to see them using words we have talked about in other areas of the curriculum too!

In Maths, we have been practising adding ten to any number, using the base ten and number squares to help us do this. We have also learned about 'bar models' as another way to show how a number can be partitioned and are getting the hang of them! We started something called a 'Ten in Ten' which is done from Year 1 - Year 6. The idea is to answer ten arithmetic questions that we have been learning about in ten minutes. In Year 2, we started doing a 'five in ten', answering five questions in ten minutes but now we have got the hang of it, I'm going to challenge the children to an 'eight in ten' next week! The idea is to keep revisiting the skills we have learned and ensure we are confident with them (and don't forget them!) as we learn new more new things in Maths. The children have certainly risen to the challenge and have grown in confidence over the week.

In Science, we learned about John Dunlop - the inventor of the pneumatic tyre and were amazed that he trained as a vet and came up with the idea of the tyre to improve his son's tricycle! We learned that the word pneumatic means 'filled with air' and were impressed and thankful that one man's idea changed how we make wheels! We reviewed our learning and realised how much we have learned about materials and look forward to our new Geography topic next week!

I look forward to speaking to you all over the next couple of weeks during our Parent/ Teacher meetings and hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Miss Everett and Mrs Simpkins