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C of E Primary School

Spring into the new Term!

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In the high, high mountains, in a deep, deep valley, in a dark, dark cave................... Year 2 started writing some nail-biting stories!

Welcome back! It's like we never left, though I'm not sure how some of the children have managed to grow in just two weeks! 

In English, we started reading the story 'George and the Dragon' by Chris Wormell. The dragon is fierce and dangerous and has inspired our writing this week. The children have come up with some amazing vocabulary and phrases which they have been able to put into some very scary sentences indeed! Ask your children to tell you some!

In Maths, we recapped arrays to help us work out multiplication questions and have become experts in our two times tables! I have been really impressed with how well the children have grasped this and I know they'll be just as brilliant next week with their five and ten times tables! We have also been doing ten in tens this week that have focused on the kinds of questions we get a bit stuck or muddled on. We are all feeling more confident with them now and have realised some of the errors we were making that got in our way!

We finished our RE topic about the Good News that Jesus brings by thinking about forgiveness and then linking all of the good news to where we can see it in action at school. We thought about peaceful places and where we can find peace, we thought about where we see friendship and where we may see forgiveness happening too.

We also started our new Science topic about Animals and their Habitats. We watched an animal-filled video to inspire our thinking and completed our progress challenge sheet to see what we thought we already knew about the topic. We are going to be learning about different habitats, micro-habitats, how animals are adapted to their environment and food chains before we start learning about animals and their young which we will link to our RSE work. 

Please remember to bring in reading records each week and read 5 times so we can add a paper chain link to make ours the longest in the school! The children are rewarded with Team Points for doing so and is such a vital skill that needs to be practised regularly.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Everett, Mrs Simpkins, Miss Hollis and Cuddles (who has managed to behave himself this week!)