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C of E Primary School

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Year 2 are scientists!

Year 2 are loving our Science topic on animals and their habitats! We have learned about different habitats this week and how the animals and plants depend on each other for survival. We also explored food chains in these different habitats and learned what the words producers, consumers, omnivore, herbivore, carnivore, predator and prey mean. Their enthusiasm has been brilliant and I know they will enjoy doing their food chain homework too! We have used the bbc learning clips and games to help us, so feel free to explore these at home as well.

In Maths, we have moved onto division. It was great to see the children spotting the links with multiplication as I introduced it and we have become expert sharers this week! We realised that the division sign means to share equally. So 12 ÷ 4 = 3 means 12 things, shared between 4 people means they get 3 things each. We will be continuing with division next week, building on what we already know!

In English, we finished our George and the Dragon story. We spent some time looking at it and thinking what we had done well, and what we thought we could improve on in our writing. The children reflected on this well and are going to ensure they try and meet their target in their next piece of writing next week! We started to map our story in pictures so we can use this to help us write our own versions of a hero and a monster story.

We made an improvement this week in the number of children who were Super Readers (went from 13 to 17) and Mr Young has set us the challenge of getting at least 20 Super Readers next week! Make sure you record your reads in your reading record to help us win!

Have a lovely weekend and Bank Holiday Monday! 

Miss Everett, Mrs Simpkins, Miss Hollis and Cuddles