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Passover, Pirates and... fractions

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Couldn't quite get the alliteration for the title..!

Welcome back! It's our last half-term in Year 2 and hasn't time flown?!

The children have done so well this week coping with the heat whilst trying to learn! We continued with fractions, ensuring we were secure finding a half, quarter and third. We talked about the denominator and numerator of a fraction and how when finding a half we divide by 2, finding quarters we divide by 4 and finding thirds we divide by 3, which have already learned how to do! Onto three quarters of amounts next week..!


We have started a new topic in English looking at non-chronological reports. Ours is going to be all about pirates so we have spent the week looking at the text and what it's 'shape' is like. We discovered some interesting pirate facts and had to think of a subheading we would give if we included it in our writing. We started writing it today and I have already been impressed by the pirate verbs the children have come up with!


We started our RE topic looking at how Jews celebrate passover or pesach. We learned that Jewish people read about all the stories in the Old Testament too and how Moses is an important person to them. We learned the story in Exodus about Moses and him asking Pharaoh to free the Isrealites. We found out about the Ten Plagues and how God helped Moses to find freedom for his people. I have recommended the children watch the cartoon film musical 'The Prince of Egypt' if they can as it is a lovely depiction of this story!


We had 16 Super Readers this week so we still need to try and get more next week! Thank you to all who are consistently Super Readers each week!  

We have gymnastics again on Monday so don't forget to come in your PE kits!


Have a restful (and hopefully less humid!) weekend!

Miss Everett, Mrs Simpkins and Miss Hollis