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C of E Primary School

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Year 2 continue to amaze me! 

Well! What a week!

Of course, we ended it with our sponsored walk and the children's enthusiasm, energy and encouragement was amazing! They did a fantastic job of walking around the field 35 times, for 3 miles and with a few biscuits to keep them going! Year 3 came out as we had started and also watched us finish with Year 1, cheering us on and shouting words of encouragement. Nursery got their instruments out and cheered us on around our tenth lap! Year 6 made a poster to encourage us and Year 5 are sponsoring us £1 per child so we have raised another £30 too! All the support from other classes really shows us the family that Homefield are and we were all very thankful for it! We had hot chocolate this afternoon and I hope the children enjoy their sweets! They will certainly sleep well tonight! Keep an eye out for photos in the Photo Gallery! I look forward to seeing how much money we have raised for UNICEF by doing this, so please start bringing it in next week so we can count it up! I am immensley proud of all of you.


We have also been doing some assessments this week, which you'd think would be greeted with a groan, however they were greeted with cheers and enthusiasm because the children know how great they are! They have shown off their knowledge brilliantly, using the skills, methods and understanding we have been developing this last term and they should be proud of themselves again for all their efforts and hard work!


We started a music topic, listening to a song called 'I wanna play in a band'. We have found the pulse, discussed the instruments we can hear, copied clapping rhythms and made up our own and we also got the chime bars out to play along with the music too! We are developing our sense of rhythm and it's nice to see the children really enjoying sharing in music together.


Sadly, we didn't beat Year 1 this week as we only had 15 Super Readers, whereas Year 1 had 25! Please try to ensure you read 5 times a week!

Have a restful weekend, you have worked so hard this week!

Miss Everett, Mrs Simpkins and Miss Hollis (and Cuddles!)