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This blog was written with Eliza, Ava, Pixie, Annabelle, Ivy, Elizabeth and Isla F

We have had such a lovely, sunny trip to Africa Alive today and the children loved seeing so many different African animals.

We met the zookeeper Sara who talked to us all about the river hogs in the rainforest and the cheetah in the savannah. We learned that the giraffes have very long tongues so they can wrap it around branches to get berries and leaves without their noses getting hurt. They’re also purple as a natural sun cream! We then met Charlie the cockroach who makes soil out of fruit and plants that it eats. It may be small but he does a lot for the planet!

There were 7 types of lemurs to look out for but we couldn’t see them all as some were hiding! We also thought the Fennec Fox was very cute! Some of us stroked the goats and we saw how big an ostrich egg is! We had a little play at the end and if we weren’t already exhausted before that, we certainly are now! The children’s enthusiasm and manners were fantastic and it has been a lovely way to end a brilliant year! I'm sure the children will be telling you all about it! Check out the photos in the Gallery on the website!

Enjoy the good weather this weekend and I look forward to seeing you next week for our last days in Year 2 before the Summer!

Miss Everett, Mrs Simpkins and Miss Hollis