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C of E Primary School

Apples, Apples and more Apples!

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Thank you to all the parents who came to parent evening this week. It was nice to finally me so many of you. I’ve already noticed many children applying some of the tips we discussed in class so thank you for making a difference.

It was great to see so many children bringing in their favourite variety of apple, or a chart to show the apples they had tasted at home. We also had 6 varieties of apples from England, France and Chile in to taste. We did some super cross-curricular work including maths, literacy, geography and science using our apples. Why don’t you ask your child if they can show you where these countries are on a map? I’ve suggested they might want to put an Atlas in their letter to Father Christmas as they were so enthusiastic about learning about the map of the world.  

We’ve loved literacy this week. The ‘Little Pig is Flying’ short film has really inspired the children to develop their language and story-writing skills. Ask them to tell you who Little Pig meets along the way. It’ll be great to test their memory skills.

Next week we will be learning about multiplication and division in maths so please keep practising those times tables!

Lots of children have moved up a reading level recently. Do let me know how that’s going. I appreciate the time you spend writing informative messages of progress in their reading diaries. I can see enthusiasm for reading growing. It really helps when we all show the children how much we value their efforts.

We’ve two birthdays this week; Harry and Grace. We were sorry Harry was poorly on his birthday but he didn’t get away that lightly…we found a way to show that we care, didn’t we Harry! 

We have worked hard this week to produce a class poppy wreath. On Friday, Homefield Primary had the privilege of participating in a remembrance service at Bradwell's Memorial monument to lay the wreath in honour of those lost. It was a truly wonderful service and we hope you take the time to look at the photos on the school website.

This week's spelling are a little different! Year 2 are practising dropping the 'e' at the end of a word and replacing it with 'ing'. So this week's spellings end in 'e' but the children will be tested on the 'ing' version. For example, 'have' on the spelling sheet will be tested as 'having'. We know you will all try your best!

Have a great weekend!

Miss Studley and the Year 2 team.