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C of E Primary School

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"Flyger!" (Ask your children what this means).

A quick thank you to all the parents and children who brought in a tombola prize for the school Christmas raffle. It may be November but to us it is Christmas time!

To encourage parents and children to read our class blog each week we will be putting in a secret word for the readers to find, write on a post it note and bring in Monday morning. The children who read and bring in the word will receive a team point! So get reading children!

Sadly, our Little Pig class story has now reached 'The End'. I have loved working on this topic with the children as I am sure they have also. As you can see above many of the children participated in our class display, creating some amazing artwork of the main characters. If you get the chance, pop your head in the door and see the masterpiece for yourself.

This week Miss Noonan has taken the reins in literacy and introduced the children to letter writing in preparation for Christmas. Miss Noonan used the wonderful book "The Day The Crayons Quit" as inspiration for the new topic. She asked the class to write a reply to a crayon character using all the new skills they have learnt this week. The children all really enjoyed this project, especially Bella who won the Golden Award for her lovely letter to the pink crayon.  We now have the letter-writing skills to write to Father Christmas which will be doing very soon.

In numeracy Miss Kennedy has introduced division and equal sharing, using the children's knowledge of the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. She has seen much improvement throughout the week, especially from Emma who has won the class 'Mention Certificate' for her determination and good numeracy work. Miss Kennedy has also set a little challenge for the children this weekend, to practice their 5 times tables in preparation for next week's Assessment week. We believe it would be beneficial for the children to view the 5 times tables and rehearse them for just 10-15 minutes a day. Any help you could give them would be much appreciated. 

Our class has also had the pleasure of attending Mrs Loveland's music lesson this week, their objective was to find the beat or "pulse" in a song. Robin particularly impressed the teacher as he was awarded the Growth Mindset Certificate for trying something new. Try listening to the radio at home or in the car and see if you can find a songs "pulse".

Preparations for the school nativity performance are well underway. Please make sure you are practising your songs and lines (if you have them) at home.

We have all had a wonderful week this week and look forward to Monday. Have a lovely weekend and don't forget those times tables!

Secret Word - "Flyger"