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C of E Primary School

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This week's blog was written by Eva, Ruby C, Shaun         

We have been busy writing persuasive letters to Mr Young about bringing fidget spinners into school because we have a lot of reasons we thought of to write to him about. We have been using persuasive words and phrases like 'I strongly feel that...' and 'My final point is that...' to help us convince Mr Young that we should be allowed to bring fidget spinners into school. We hope his mind will be changed!

In Maths we have been learning about weight and we learned about how much heavy objects weigh. Also we learned about all the different ways we can write kilograms and grams. We enjoyed weighing objects and estimated the weight of them between 0 to 5kg. We tried to weigh EVEREYTHING in the classroom but the scales were not big enough!

In PE we did athletics because we are doing sports day on the 12th of July . We played lots of games like fish and chips, cat and mouse, beanbag shuttle and stepped relay to help us with our reaction starts and short distance running.

We also started our new topic about ‘Light’ and conducted an experiment to see which objects we would be able to see in a darkened box. We predicted that the darker objects would be hard to see because they will blend in with the dark box, however the lighter objects would be easier to see because they wouldn’t blend in. Our predictions were right and we learnt that it was because the lighter objects were reflecting the light that was getting into the box better than the dark objects.