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C of E Primary School

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Great Geographers! 

This week we started our Geography topic about the United Kingdom. Year 3 have been great at finding and locating different places on maps. We have looked at cities, counties, seas and rivers. Based on our Geography topic our special word this week is Norfolk. Bonus points will be awarded if you can write down any facts about Norfolk. 

In English we have started our poetry work. We are using a poem called If I had Wings. We will be writing our own versions called If I Had Fins. Yesterday, we learnt about prepositions. This weeks homework on is about prepositions. Children have a poster in their bags which explains some of the terminology they may come across. Today, the children did some beautiful water colour paintings to go with the poems that they will be writing next week. 

In maths we have finished our work on money and we are now looking at statistics. We had great fun collecting data (in the form of Rainbow Drops). We will be using our data to create pictograms and simple graphs/charts. 

Our rehearsals for Plastic Pirates are going well. Please encourage your child to read through their lines as much as possible. If this is recorded in their Reading Journals we will count this as a read towards becoming a Superstar Reader. 

Have a lovely weekend and we will see you on Monday! 

Miss Clark and Mrs Ashington