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C of E Primary School

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Going Underground

Today we have started having a secret pupil. Each morning Miss Clark will randomly select someone from Year 3 to be our secret pupil. Miss Clark and Mrs Ashington will be looking out to see if our secret pupil is making super choices and setting a good example to others. We hope this will encourage us to develop super listening skills and learning behaviours. 


In English we have learnt about apostrophes for possession, pronouns and past tense verbs. For the past two days we have worked with a partner and as a whole class to write a biography together. 


On Monday we were counting in fives and fifties.

On Tuesday we did our Maths quizzes.

On Wednesday we were adding and subtracting hundreds.

On Thursday we were adding and subtracting ones.

Today we focused on adding ones and what we do when we cross the tens barrier.


On Wednesday we used sweets to help us learn about how natural rocks are formed.

Igneous rocks: We learnt that igneous rocks are formed when molten lava cools down and solidifies.

Metamorphic: We learnt that metamorphic rocks used to be sedimentary or igneous. They have changed because of heat or pressure.

Sedimentary: We learnt that sedimentary rocks are formed under water and made up of layers of sediments.

All of these take a very long time to happen. 

Today we learnt about the different layers that make up soil.

Next Week...

In English we will be writing our biographies.

In Maths we will be continuing with addition and subtraction.

In our Science Lessons we will be learning about the formation of different fossils.

Next Friday you can come and see what we have been learning about in Topic Lessons. This starts at 2:40.