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C of E Primary School

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Year 3 have worked incredibly hard this week completing their English and Maths assessments. Their perseverance and focus has been excellent. We will be using the assessments to support our future planning.

In English, we are still writing to entertain. For the next two weeks, we will be writing poems. We are using the poem If I Had Wings by Pie Corbett. We will be writing our own version called If I had Fins.

In Maths this week, we have been continuing with money. We have looked at converting pounds & pence and adding amounts.  Next week we will look at subtracting amounts and giving change, we will also start our statistics block.

Our blocked topic is RE. The big question is What is philosophy? And How do we make moral decisions. Knowledge Organisers have been sent home please use these to support your child with the new vocabulary that they will be coming across.   

In German, we have been looking at the days of the week. Your challenge this weekend is to make a poster with the days of the week on in German for our classroom. 

Rehearsals are under way for our production Project Planet. Some children have asked about costumes and we have had a discussion as a class. If you do have any queries please speak to us. 

Have a lovely and hopefully not too rainy weekend. 

Miss Clark