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C of E Primary School

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Our Strong Minds! 

Year 3 worked together this week to tell you all what they have been learning about and how we do things in class. 


In English this week we have been using our non-fiction shapes to help us plan and write a set of instructions. We use two sides of our book in lessons. One side is our CHOT side (this is where we chat and jot down ideas) and the other side is where we write our sentences. When we write our sentences, we call this Sentence Stacking. Our instructions are a step-by-step guide on how to keep our minds strong. We try to use lots of interesting vocabulary in our writing.


In Maths this week we have been learning about equivalent fractions and finding fractions of amounts. We have been using our dividing and multiplying skills to help us find fractions of an amount. We have a rhyme to help us divide by the bottom (denominator) and multiply by the top (numerator). So if we were trying to find two thirds of 18 we would divide 18 by 3 which 6 and then multiply it by 2 which is 12. We have been using number lines and bar models to help us with our fractions learning. We were shading our bar models to help us see when fractions are equivalent.


In Science this week we have been learning about light. We learnt about Thomas Edison, we also learnt that light is the fastest travelling thing in the world. We learnt that darkness is the absence of light. Some sources of light are; fire, lightning, lanterns, candle and a torch. We learnt that the moon, windows and mirrors are not sources of light they actually reflect light or let light through. 

Today we were testing which materials reflect the most light and what materials would be good to use for a reflective strip on a book bag. We looked and saw that some materials do reflect, but others do not. When the light hits something black it is absorbed but when it hits something reflective like a mirror the light bounces back. 

Homework and Readers

This week we have 15 Super Readers. We are really pushing to hit our target of 20. A big well done to all the children who were Super Readers this week. Another well done and thank you to all the children who completed their homework challenges.

Homework for next week is equivalent fractions, gue & que spellings and some times table questions. 

Next Week

Next week we will be continuing with the same topics/learning focus as we did this week. 

Secret Word

To encourage more children to read the blog we will be adding a secret word or question to the blog. When you read the blog write down the secret word or answer the secret question on a piece of paper and bring it in to school. Every child who does this will receive a team point. Don't forget to write that you have read the blog in your reading records as well as we count this as a read towards becoming a Super Reader. This week's secret word is mindfulness. 

Have a lovely and hopefully not too soggy weekend,

Year 3 :)