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C of E Primary School

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Skara Brae it's where you want to stay!

This week we have been writing persuasive adverts in English to persuade people to visit Skara Brae. Next week we will be creating our own Ancient Egyptian holiday destinations and encouraging people to come and visit.

We have done some computing this week. We have been using the tablets, ipads and Bee Bots to help us create and follow algorithms. We had great fun today making shapes on Scratch. Here is the link to Scratch if you would like to do some more at home.

We have worked super hard this week on our Reading and Maths assessments. We are all very proud of what we have achieved. Miss Clark and Mrs A are also incredibly proud and impressed with our determination. They were so impressed, we all got the Golden Award this week. 

This week we had 20 Super Readers. We were up against Year 4, and they beat us with 21. 20 is the most we have ever had. Let's see if we can have even more next week. This week we clocked up 124 reading miles. Our overall total is 854 miles. I wonder how far we can travel.

Our secret word this week is ALGORITHM. 

Have a wonderful weekend Year 3!