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C of E Primary School

Hill Forts, Iron and Bronze

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Amazing changes to the way people lived 5000 years ago!

This week we learned about the Bronze Age and Iron Age and all the fantastic things Britons were able to make, build and do. We learned about how hill forts were constructed to help people defend their tribes and how bronze and iron are melted and made into tools, weapons and jewellery. We had the difficulty of deciding which Age we would have rather lived in... I wonder what your child thinks?

In English, we finished writing our Wolf story and are using it to help us map out and plan a story where Goldilocks is innocent! We were coming up with fantastic vocabulary to help our ideas and we can't wait to start writing it next week!

In Maths, we have been comparing 3-digit numbers, ordering them and finding 1, 10 and 100 more or less than them too. We are becoming hundreds experts and we will start looking at adding and subtracting them next week!

We have also been doing different circuits in PE with different skills, involving changing our movements and ball control. In German we have learned how to ask how people are and what to respond! Wie geht's? Danke, gut! Un dir?

Have a lovely (hopefully sunny!) weekend!

Miss Everett, Mr Cole and Cuddles