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C of E Primary School

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This week we launched our new topic for the next few weeks: What makes the earth angry? The main focus of this topic will be about volcanoes. We had great fun making our own volcano and a model earth to help us learn about the layers of the earth.

We are also using our volcano topic as a stimulus in English to write newspaper reports. Today we pretended to be reporters and residents of the village where a volcano has erupted.

In maths we have been focusing on multiplying and dividing a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number. This is something that we still need to practise but with hard work and a growth mindset we are making some good progress.

This week has been a spelling week. To make it fun and exciting we have spelling parties where we need to complete different spelling challenges that help us to learn and practise many of the year 3 spellings. We really like a new game called spelling frames. Here is the link to it...

This week we looked at two different rules. Words with a short /i/ spelt 'y' and adding suffixes beginning with a vowel (ed/ing/er) to words with more than one syllable.

gardening                                                                          myth

gardener                                                                            lyric

limited                                                                                Egypt

limiting                                                                              pyramid

offered                                                                                hymn         

offering                                                                             mystery

benefiting                                                                         system

benefited                                                                          symbol

focused                                                                             typical

focusing                                                                           gym

Here are some photos of us having fun learning our spellings:

Have a super weekend. This weeks secret word is magma.