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This week in Year 3

w/c 7/10/16

We have had another busy week in Year 3 with lots of learning taking place.

In literacy this week we wrote questions that we could ask Perseus about his journey to find the Gorgon. We then took it in turns to pretend to be Perseus and sit in the 'hot seat' and answer some questions from the class. We have been looking at the settings of stories and how they help you form a picture in your mind of where the story is set. We listened to the story of Perseus and the Gorgon and we had to draw a picture from our mind of what we imagined the setting to be like. Lots of us drew caves with lots of spiders and horrible monsters. We then used our pictures to help us write some fantastic descriptions of our settings.

In Maths we have been learning about different methods we can use to add numbers together to find the sum of two numbers. Some of us were able to add three-digit numbers together.

In PE this week we played a tail game. It was really fun. We all had a ‘tail’ and if someone took our tail we had to try and take one from someone else.

We continued with our topic of ‘What makes a good holiday’ and started to look at holidays in Spain. We used laptops with our learning partners to see what we could find out about Spain. Christopher found out there are volcanoes in Spain!

On Thursday we had a competition between our House Teams. Instead of having lessons in our Year 3 class we split into our teams and went to different classrooms. We all really enjoyed working with the older children and we worked together to write a poem on the theme of messages. In the afternoon we had a special assembly when we performed our poems to the rest of the school. Our poems can be read here: /news/?pid=3&nid=1&storyid=47