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Young At Heart!

We found out that The Chelsea Pensioners have lots of fun and keep themselves Young at Heart!

This week we invited parents to come into school and watch our class collective worship. The theme for the week was Compassion for the Elderly and we decided to focus our assembly on a group of people called The Chelsea Pensioners. We first heard about them when we were learning about Remembrance Day last week so had to do lots of research to make sure our assembly was interesting and informative.

We used the internet to find out facts about The Chelsea Pensioners that we wanted to share as part of our collective worship. We found out that they are retired members of the Armed Services who live in the Royal Hospital in Chelsea. Now it’s not a medical hospital, but rather a retirement home for these veterans. In 1681 King Charles II ordered that a Royal Hospital was built for all those “broken by age or war.” A famous architect and landscaper Sir Christopher Wren was commissioned to design and erect the building. Anyone over 65 and who served as a regular soldier, has no dependent spouse or family, who finds themselves in need can apply to become a Chelsea Pensioner. The Chelsea Pensioners wear very distinctive clothing – so although you might think you don’t know what a Chelsea Pensioner looks like, they are pretty hard to miss! The scarlet coats are also worn for ceremonial occasions, accompanied by tricorne hats – that’s a hat with three corners! In uniform, the pensioners wear their medal ribbons.

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We really enjoyed performing our class assembly and were pleased that so many parents came to watch us.

Image result for bushcrafters earleOn Monday afternoon we had an afternoon of bushcraft with Mr Earle. We had great fun making dens and shelters using the sticks and leaves we could find. We learnt about the points of a compass – North, South, East and West – and used these to show on a map where we found things like mud and rocks.

In maths this week we have been using multiplication facts to help us solve number problems and we have started to look at division.

We had another gymnastics lesson this week with Mr Carr. We were learning how to do a forward roll and how to use our bodies to make a bridge and a crab!