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Find out all about Year 4 at Homefield Primary School.

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  • Sounds Good

    Published 24/01/20, by Penny Studley

    How do our ears work?

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  • Good posture and strong cores

    Published 17/01/20, by Penny Studley

    Hard work brings results.

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  • An Electrifying Start to the New Year

    Published 10/01/20, by Penny Studley

    Sparks are flying!

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  • Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Published 17/12/19, by Penny Studley

    Short but sweet end to the term.

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  • Election Fever

    Published 13/12/19, by Penny Studley

    Green Party Takes the Homefield Majority Vote

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  • In Safe Hands

    Published 06/12/19, by Penny Studley

    First things first....

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  • Deck The Halls...

    Published 29/11/19, by Penny Studley

    Going Crackers on Decoration Day!

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  • Piecing Europe Together

    Published 22/11/19, by Penny Studley

    Geography Topic Underway

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  • Good news week

    Published 15/11/19, by Penny Studley

    Cross Country Fun

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  • Autumn Beauty Captured

    Published 08/11/19, by Penny Studley

    Thank you to all photography entrants

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  • The Great Outdoors

    Published 01/11/19, by Penny Studley

    Mr Earle is showing us the way to go!

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  • Autumn Glory

    Published 18/10/19, by Penny Studley

    The Great Outdoors

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