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Find out all about Year 4 at Homefield Primary School.

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  • The only way is up

    Published 18/09/20, by Penny Studley

    Now you see you don't! 

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  • We Are Thankful to be Back!!!!!

    Published 10/09/20, by Penny Studley

    We survived our first week. 

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  • Life goes on ...

    Published 19/03/20, by Penny Studley

    Learning goes on regardless...

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  • Sport Relief Dance Fun

    Published 13/03/20, by Penny Studley
    Thank you to everyone who donated to Sport Relief today.  Our class raised £22.20 which we will be putting to the overall school total. We had lots of fun learning the dance on the Sport Relief website that was choreographed by AJ Pritchar
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  • Terrific Trio

    Published 06/03/20, by Penny Studley

    Level 3 cross-country at Holkham

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  • Springing back into action

    Published 28/02/20, by Penny Studley

    New Kurling Club a Big Success

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  • Lots to learn during Computing week

    Published 12/02/20, by Penny Studley

    Happy Half Term 

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  • Project Planet Here We Come!

    Published 06/02/20, by Penny Studley

    Project Planet has Landed! 

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  • West Meets East

    Published 31/01/20, by Penny Studley

    Musical theatre enrichment was a big hit

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  • Sounds Good

    Published 24/01/20, by Penny Studley

    How do our ears work?

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  • Good posture and strong cores

    Published 17/01/20, by Penny Studley

    Hard work brings results.

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  • An Electrifying Start to the New Year

    Published 10/01/20, by Penny Studley

    Sparks are flying!

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