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Homefield conquer kingswood

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Magical memories made at Kingswood. 

Kingswood was last week but unsurprisingly I didn't want to hang around at school last Friday to write a blog! I hope your children all returned home full of positive stories.  We won't mention the lack of sleep on the first night........! 

It was my first time as a teacher at Kingswood and I couldn't be more full of praise for the centre.  Everything was so well organised.  The leaders were enthusiastic.  Our leaders were called Holly and Jack; Jack was a little bonkers which the children loved. We hardly had any 'down time'.  Food was plentiful and regular; no one went hungry. 

The activities were brilliant.  The nightlining surprised a lot of us. I thought it would just be wearing a blindfold and steering around a few obstacles but it was much more exciting.  We had to hold onto a rope.  It took about an hour to reach the end of the obstacles.  Losing our sight temporarily made us all appreciate taking our blindfolds off. 

The Leap of Faith was saved for the last morning. It was a challenge to reach the top but about 7 of us managed the whole thing with the majority of the class having a try and doing their best.  The tower at the top was so wobbly; it was mildly terrifying to be honest! The sense of achievement was worth the effort once we were lowered safely to the ground. 

A special mention goes to the occupants of Room 10 (Ava, Harlow, Rafferty and Imogen).  This group of girls showed respect throughout the trip.  They kept their room tidy, went to sleep at a reasonable time.  The most touching part was the note they left in their room for the Kingswood staff thanking them.  This was totally unprompted and was only discovered when Mrs Clarke did a final check of the room before departure. Thank you girls; little things like this go a long way in life and are hugely appreciated. 

Back at school this week we have been writing our wartime stories and learning about money.  We have started a tennis unit in PE now that our gymnastics sessions have finished with Mr Carr. 

A reminder that we are going to Gressenhall next Thursday for the day. Refer to the costume sheet for ideas on how to dress. I'm sure it will be an exciting day because the children are really embracing the WW2 topic. 

Have a great weekend.

The secret word is 'evacuee.'