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C of E Primary School

Football glory for England (Harriers)

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World Cup kicks off at Homefield

This week has ended well with a special football treat.  We had Mark and Marten from Go Geronimo in to referee our World Cup football inter house football competition.  We had an inflatable up to mark the boundaries of the pitch which made it very exciting.  We split into our house teams and selected a country to represent each team. 

From Year 4, it was Harriers (England) that won, but we are waiting for the scores to be added up to see the accumulative total for the day to reveal which team has won the overall day. It was lovely to see everyone participate (apart from Christa who has her arm in a cast).  We made Christa the official photographer.

Talking of photos, thank you to everyone who requested the photos from Kingswood and Gressenhall.  If there is anyone else who would like the pictures they are still available. 

This week we have had a final week on money.  I hope you've seen a difference with your child's ability to pay for things and work out the change.  

In English we are reading Anne Frank's diary.  This is of course a true story about a very emotive subject but the children are very much enjoying it.  We are doing some diary writing.  We are also watching some film clips.  As hard as it is to watch in places it is a very important subject. 

In science, our new topic is sound.  

We are still playing tennis in our PE lessons. 

Have a great weekend.  The secret word is 'annihilate'.  Check that your child can remember what it means in the context of Hitler and the Jews in WW2. 

From the Y2 team; Miss Studley and Miss T.