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A moving moment in history

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Anne Frank's story moves Year 4.

Firstly, this week has been a little different without Miss T.  She has been off poorly all week so we wish her a speedy recovery and hope to see her soon. 

Hard work has been the order of week.  We have produced some high quality writing based on the Diary of Anne Frank.  The children have also had to make some decisions, just as Anne and her family had to make during WW2.  This has created some healthy debate on a very emotive topic.  The children are engaging with much interest because it is based on a real event in history. We will continue on with our diary writing unit next week. 

In maths we are learning about time.  I am a bit surprised by the number of children who can not tell the time spontaneously.  If they have a watch they could wear this would help.  Please encourage them by asking them for the time at various points throughout the day and evening.  They should be able to read and write times in the 24-hour clock too but a few children are not ready for this because of a weaker ability on the basics. Please help out at home. 

Hooray for the Superstar Readers! We finally got 80% this week which hasn't happened for several weeks. I have sent texts home to persistent non-readers.  I'm trying to promote us working together as a team to reach our target and most children embrace this so thank you for your ongoing interest and support. 

In science we have been learning about sound.  The children had to devise their own investigation to explain how sound appears to get fainter as they travel away from the source.  It was good to see the children outside, working on their own ideas. 

Swallowtails won the most team points for the number of children reading the blog.  If you're reading this why not contact your class mates to see who has read it too, especially if they're in your team. 

Next week we have a read, share and respond afternoon on Wednesday so come in at 2.20pm and take a look through your children's work.  It's an afternoon when I'm not in the class but Mrs Corby will give you a warm welcome.  Also it's the disco next Tuesday. 

Last week I went back in time to Year 2 but I'm back in the present now (thanks to Ava for noticing my mistake....proving that you read the blog thoroughly!).  So I'd like to wish you a happy weekend.  Look out for a Spitfire at the air show this weekend. 

From Miss Studley and Y4 team.

Secret word is 'enough' (the children will know why).