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24 hour clock times to crack

It has been a warm week in school. The week started with a netball match for the Y5 and 6.  The reason I mention this is because we are so short of older girls to join the team that we invited Abigail along.  She stepped up and played GK for half of the game.  We went on to beat Hillside 7-6 which was a brilliant result.  Many thanks to Abigail. I'm hoping to see many more girls at training in September when Y4 girls become Y5 so give it some thought over the summer. 

We have continued our diary writing this week.  The children are improving their writing skills.  I'm beginning to see positive changes in the structure and composition of their writing which means they are almost ready for Year 5. We will be concluding our diary writing next week with a hot task.  We will continue to read extracts from Anne Frank's diary as I know the children are gripped. 

In maths we have been applying our learning of 24-hour clock times to solve problems. Please quiz your children and help them to secure their time-telling skills. It makes such a difference when we work together. 

The children took their latest spelling cauldron home this week. Please read through their individual words with them.  These are the words that they have had problems with in their own books.  We play lots of spelling games throughout the week to reinforce tricky words.  The children seem to love it.  I've asked them to play similar games with you at home. Taking an interest in their learning will give them such a boost of enthusiasm. Thank you for your continued support.  

On that note, I am delighted to say that everyone read at least twice this week. Although we only got 67% achieving their star I was still proud that everyone made an effort in some way.  We can build on that now for next week.  Unfortunately, holidays and absences are high in Year 4 at the moment which impacts on our ability to win inter-class competitions such as Superstar Readers. I know illness can't be avoided but please make every effort to be in school everyday where possible. We haven't won Attendance Ted for months.  It would be good to win him at least once before the end of term. 

Have a great weekend.  From Miss Studley and Miss T.

Secret word is 'holocaust'.