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C of E Primary School

Stepping back in time...

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Poor little Victorian children

Our first topic is a history block. Plunging straight into a trip to Gressenhall Workhouse was the perfect way to immerse ourselves into this fascinating period in history. 

The children looked great in their costumes. We were treated to a range of activities throughout the day to bring to life how hard it was for children living in the Victorian era. 

If any of you would like the photos from the day bring in a named memory stick and I will copy them for you. 

I will usually update the blog on a Friday after school so look out for the secret word challenge starting this Friday.  Meanwhile, please start the reading process again.  I have about 8 children who have not brought their reading journal books in yet.  You received a letter last week explaining the reading process this year.  We are still aiming for a minimum of 5 reads per week. Don't forget to get your child to cover their reading journal with wrapping paper or decorate it.  I only have about half the class that have done this so far. 

Have a great week,

Miss Studley