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Our new art topic starts successfully

We have been busy starting our new block of learning which is now an art block for the whole school. We are looking at the works of the French artist, Edgar Degas.  The children should recognise the bronze sculpture in the photo.  Encourage them to tell you about it. We are specifically looking at how an artist creates the effect of movement in their work.  We have some wooden manikins in our classroom.  They sell them in 'The Works' and are a great way for your child to see the shapes of the human form so they can begin to draw people. They are £4 for the larger ones and only £2 for the smaller ones. 

We have now finished our story writing block but will stay on the them of writing to entertain for the next few weeks.  Our new genre of writing is going to be writing fables. It would be an advantage for your child if you talk to them about what a fable is, ahead of Monday's lesson. 

In maths we will be moving onto addition and subtraction unit. Any counting you can do with your child will help. It would help to count in 1000s from any starting 4-digit number.  Check that they understand the value of each digit within the number. This will keep their place value skills fresh so we can springboard straight into addition and subtraction. It is important that the children have good 'number sense'.  They need an appreciation of numbers and not just processes.  We encourage lots of discussion around number which is something you can help with enormously at home. 

13 children managed to achieve their Superstar Reader status this week.  One child did not read at all which is hugely disappointing. I know we are all very busy but the more value you place on home learning the more it will transfer into a positive growth mindset whilst they are at school. Plus it shows we are all working together.  Thank you to those that read regularly.  It makes a positive difference.  Remember to look after the bookmark that was given out at the start of term.  Some children have now collected the maximum number of stickers (3) and are well on their way to earning a book reward. 

The number of children reading the class blog rose this week from 8 to 10 which is great.  However, that is still very low.  Could you encourage your child to talk to their friends about the blog and see if we can get more of them bringing in the 'Secret Word' on Monday.  We have a house team points competition with this. 

After a lengthy period of absence, it was lovely to see Miss Thompson return to school on Wednesday. 

The Secret Word this week is 'ballerina'.  

Have a fabulous weekend, from the Y4 team, Miss Studley and Miss T.