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Welcome to Year 4

Welcome back. What a lovely start to the year we have had! It is great to have this class back.  It is great to see how much the children have progressed since I was their teacher in Year 2; I feel I have an advantage of knowing them all so well from day one!

We have been busy establishing the new routines and setting high expectations for the year.  We have a few new things that we are introducing gradually.  Firstly, Superstar Readers.  Your child needs to read at least 5 times during the week and have their diary signed by an adult at home.  They need to hand it in each day to receive acknowledgement of this. When they reach the golden number of 5 reads they earn 'Superstar Status' which means it counts towards our class competing against all of the other classes in the school to see who has the highest percentage of children meeting that expectation. This news will be shared in our Good Work assembly every Friday. Please support your child to reach this target by reading as often as time allows.

PE days are on Tuesdays and Fridays but the general rule is bring your kit on a Monday and leave it in school until Friday so that way we are always prepared. Our Tuesday lesson will be outdoor cross-country this half term.  Indoors on a Friday will be gymnastics.

Our topic this term is Romans.  We will be blocking science, RE, Topic (History/Geography) and computing.  This means we will spend several consecutive afternoons learning one subject (with the exception of Weds/Thurs) I will advise you week-to week what is happening the following week. We are starting with science.  Mornings will remain the same with Guided Reading, English and Maths.

On Wednedsday and Thursday afternoons I am out of class.  They will be having Mrs Loveland for music, followed by Mrs Corby for PSHE on Wednesdays. On Thursdays they will start with Mrs Loveland for their weekly Spanish lesson, followed by art/DT with Mrs Corby.

There are many more new initiatives to get used to but I do not want to bombard you in the first blog so I will explain more next Friday when the new spelling system will be fully explained.

As an incentive for you read this blog regularly (because I will be writing it weekly without fail) I will always include a 'Secret word' or 'Secret phrase'.  Your child needs to write this down on a piece of paper with their name and put it on my desk first thing on  a Monday. They will earn 5 team points for returning it on a Monday, 4 on a Tuesday, 3 on a Wednesday and so on. It's not just a game but I think the blog is an excellent tool of communication between home and school and it is important to me that you are reading it and finding it useful.  It gives you a chance to sit down with your child and discuss what they have been doing in class and what they will be learning about in advance so we all keep as informed as possible about their learning and ways to support them. If you can think of anything that you would find useful to include in the blog to improve it please let me know.

Next week we will be starting a narrative block in English.  We will be focussing on vocabulary and the use of paragraphs. Although we'll be breaking from timetable on Thursday to celebrate Roald Dahl Day.  Our focus book is 'The Twits'.  We plan to make some wormy spaghetti!  Don't worry no real worms will be hurt in the making of our revolting dish! In maths we start a 4 week block on Place value. They will be finding  1000 more or less than a number, ordering and comparing numbers beyond 1000 and recognising the value of each digit in 4-digit numbers.

Our science block is called 'Animals including humans'.  We will be looking at the digestive system, teeth and their functions and looking at food chains, producers, predators and prey.

I look forward to making this a productive year with your support.  We have an excellent team in Year 4.  As you can see from the class photo we have Miss Thompson (full time) and Mrs Spink (mornings) in our team.  We are also very fortunate to have Mrs Chapman on a voluntary basis for an hour each morning.  Mrs Chapman is going to focus on the handwriting but she is also a superstar helping me with all those little jobs like making resources and sticking work in books etc.

Thank you for reading.  This week's secret word is 'perseverance'.  (ask your child the relevance of this word).

Happy weekend,

from Miss Studley and the Y4 team.