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C of E Primary School

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We have survived our first full week back!

Firstly, thank you for assisting with the costumes for Roald Dahl day.  I'm sure you all agree the children look great. We had lots of fun creating our wormy spaghetti from the book 'The Twits'. Next time you're in school look out for our revolting menus displayed in the long corridor.

Thank you to the 14 families who read the blog but I hope this number rises.

We have had a big push on reading this week with our first week of the Superstar Readers scheme up and running. I'm pleased to say that 15 children managed to reach the magic 5 reads to earn superstar status. Every child read at least once and had it signed by a parent.  We were the top performing class in the school this week.  We like winning....

Your child has some spellings in their book bags today. Firstly they have a set of Rainbow words that they work through at their own pace.  Everyone starts off with the red set.  When your child is ready to be tested they will need to ask an adult.  If they get them all correct on 3 separate occasions they will move to the next colour on the rainbow. They will need to both read and spell them. Again, you are welcome to pop in after school any evening to have a look on our class rainbow if you want to see how your child is progressing.

There will also be a spelling pattern of the week which will be given out on a Friday. There will be a list of words that will be a focus in English lessons for the following week.  This gives you a weekend to look at the words in advance and give your child an extra boost.  These words will not be tested but of course they are part of the Year 4 National Curriculum and therefore it is important that they can read and spell them.

Mrs Newman, our maths leader, has set the whole school the challenge of improving their number fluency. You may have noticed your child asking to play 'Hit the Button.' This is a series of mental arithmetic type exercises that race against the clock.  It is hoped your child will practise this daily where possible to increase the speed of their mental agility to serve them well in the daily maths lesson. We have a rotation system with the i-pads and class computers to ensure each child gets at least one turn per week.  They are very enthusiastic so please encourage this.  Why don't you see how fast you are.....can you beat your child? They love the competitive element of the games. A letter went home today to explain it in more detail so check your child's book bag.

Next week we will continue with place value in maths.  We will be creating some monster characters in literacy.  I have been very pleased with the descriptive writing the children have produced in English this week to describe a setting. Ask them what a prepositional phrase is.

In science we looked at our teeth and their functions.  I hope they went home and interrogated you about how many teeth you have! Next week we will be focussing on the digestive system. I will be out of class next Wednesday morning and all day Friday but I will prepare the children for the change and let them know who the cover teacher will be.

This week's secret word is 'rainbow'. Keep assisting with the reading, spelling and maths schemes at home, we are already making noticeable progress.  Have a great weekend,

from Miss Studley and the Year 4 team.