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What does it mean to belong to the muslim community?

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Happy Half Term.

Thank you to you all for coming to parents' evenings this week.  I'm sure you'll all agree that you children have settled in to the routines of Year 4.  I am pleased with their progress.  

Read the question in this week's blog and ask your child to answer it.  We have all really enjoyed learning about a different religion.  The first week back is going to be RE week.  The focus is changing to Incarnation.  So it would be good if you could find out what this term means.  

We have one more week on addition and subtraction when we return. Most of the children have mastered the column method now so we can move onto more application by attempting some problem solving. 

Let's see if we can all achieve the Superstar Readers status as we have lots of days to achieve this.  I have spoken to the 2 or 3 children that never contribute to their class total so it would be good to see everyone making that effort.

If your child wants to practise anything over the holiday they can brush up on their 6,7 and 9 times tables as these are the targets in Y4. Also look at the booklet given out at Parents' evening as it has lots of suggestions you could try. 

I hope you have an enjoyable half term holiday. Incarnation is the secret word. 

From Miss Studley and the Y4 team.