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Three is the magic number

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Do you need rescuing? Ask Y4 all about it.

Our blocked lessons this week have again consisted of RE as we participated in the whole school themed RE topic of Incarnation. Ask your child to explain what it means.

In this week's featured photo you can see we were using water as an example to explain the Holy Trinity. We compared God to water in the way that water can exist in 3 states: as a liquid, a gas and a solid. This is in the same way that God can exist as the Father, the son and the holy spirit. We talked about the sacrifices that God made in order to come down to Earth as a baby (Jesus).  The children linked this to their own lives by trying to imagine what it would be like if they woke up tomorrow as a baby again.  They considered how things would change for them.  What would be better, what would they miss? It generated some intersting discussions. Our work will be displayed in the narrow corridor next week, if you're in school take a look. 

We have had a brilliant week in maths.  It was our last week learning about addition and subtraction.  The children have applied their learning to solve problems and reason about their answers. I have seen a breakthrough with some of the pupils, but they've all risen to the challenge in their own way.  Next week we will be learning about length and perimeter for the week. If you could spend any time this weekend revising measures including cm, m, km that would be helpful.  Look uo the word perimeter and see what it means. 

In English we have been looking at word classification. Do they know their nouns from their verbs? We watched a 5 minute film clip called 'Taking Flight' as our inspiration to write a kennings poem. Again, ask your child about this. We will be carrying on next week using this film clip as our stimulus. 

In PE we have been preparing for a sportshall competition.  A letter will be coming out next week so look out for it.  We can only pick 10 boys and 10 girls from Years 3 and 4 so you will only hear if your child has been selected to compete.  It will be after school on Weds 6th Nov at Lynn Grove to give you advance warning. 

Thank you to everyone coming to Kingswood.  We have now paid our deposit.  I will let you know when the next instalment is due.  It will be during the month of January. 

We have had such a lovely week of learning and I'm proud to say that we won the Superstar reading challenge for the first time this week. 23 out of 30 children reached the 5 star target or beyond. That is great commitment from you.  Let's keep it up and encourage our friends who are not remembering to get their diary signed.  

Toby has been a little superstar this week by embracing his role as an ECO warrior for our class.  He has taken on his first project as Eco warrior by reminding the teachers to switch off their smartboards during the lunch hour.  Each smartboard coasts 50p to run for an hour, plus what a waste of energy!  Toby is going to train the other Eco warriors on Monday so we can improve our carbon footprint at Homefield School. 

Remember Tuesday is school photo day. Have a great weekend and stay safe if you go to any fireworks displays.

From Miss Studley and the Y4 team.

This week's secret phrase is 'Silence is Golden!'