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Electrifyingly good science

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Flash, buzz,boom!

Welcome back to the second part of the Autumn Term. We have 7 full weeks and 2 days of fun in the lead up to Christmas.  The first week has flown by so quickly already.  

Our science topic has started well.  The children have made series circuits and introduced a switch to light a bulb.  Ask them about it.  Thank you to George who has made his very own switch at home to show us at school.  It is very impressive. We continue on with electricity for half of next week before we switch to the 'Sound' part of our topic. 

Next week we will be continuing with fables in our English.  It's the last week of this so we will be completing our hot tasks during the week. 

In maths we have been working hard on our number fluency by completing a daily set of questions called Ten in Ten.  The children work against the clock to answer the ten questions as quickly as possible.  We record the time it takes and how accurate they are.  They then see if they can improve on their own score next time.  This is similar to the maths programs on Topmarks, such as Hit the Button. I can't stress enough how important it is that your child spends time on this every week. 

We have been busy actioning lots of things following our parents evening meetings before half term.  Check your child's bag as it may contain work or resources that we discussed at the meeting. 

Thank you for your continued support with reading. The children have their latest Accelerated Reading level on a sticker inside their reading journal. Remember to spend time reading to your child as well.  They may be growing up fast but they're still relatively young and it gives you the opportunity to maintain the love of books together. The number of children reading at least 5 times is on the increase.  This week 20 children achieved their sticker for a minimum of 5 reads and only one child did not read at all.  This is a significant improvement. 

A massive 19 children read the blog this week; thank you! That's our highest score to date. 

Next week we look forward to a trip to Norwich theatre on Friday. 

This week's secret phrase is 'Keepy Puppies'.  The children will explain what that means! 

Have a great weekend, Miss Studley and Miss T.