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C of E Primary School

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Spots Galore

Thank you for your generous donations in support of Children in Need today.  The children enjoyed spending their pocket money at the Bring and Buy sale.  I do not know how much was raised but I am sure Mr Young will let us all know when the proceeds have been totalled.

This week we have been measuring in maths.  We had a recap on units of measure linked to length, from mm to km.  It would be good to discuss this with your child at home to see what they can tell you. We also started our perimeter work. Can they explain what perimeter means? 

In English we have been doing lots of writing. We started our work on non-chronological reports. Thank you to George who brought in some of his favourite non-fiction books from home.  The children are mini experts on what to include in a non-chronological report.  They have been looking for features and editing work to check for all the features that need to be included in a report. 

With the conclusion of our science topic on electricity and sound we have been doing some investigations.  It has been very enjoyable. We start our DT project next week.  We will be applying some our our science skills.  We are going to make a wire model circuit in the theme of Christmas. We will spend two weeks on this. 

The secret word for this week is 'Pudsey'. 

Have a great weekend,

Miss Studley and Miss T.