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Outdoor Learning success

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Is it snowing yet Olly?

Another busy week in school is over.  Just like the snowman in our picture, this week has flown.  

Firstly, thank you to Mr Earle who has just finished teaching the Year 4 block of Outdoor Learning.  The children are now trained up in basic first aid and their navigation skills have been tested. They will be receiving a certificate to say they have passed.  Look out for it next week. 

Many congratulations to all of the cross country pupils.  It was a grim day at Bure Park but 10 of our class battled through to finish in style. We even had Ashton who finished in 6th place so she goes on to represent the East of Norfolk in March. Brilliant! Whatever the finishing position I was truly proud of you all. We have a cross-country saying....' Homefielders never quit'.  This was certainly true of all our pupils. 

In English we have used the short film 'The Snowman' as a stimulus for our recount writing. I am pleased with the quality of the work and the ongoing care and attention the children are showing in their work. They are becoming more independent as learners and are thriving on the reward systems we have in place. We have had a very enjoyable week of learning which always helps with the motivation and ultimately the quality of the work produced. 

In maths we have been learning to multiply and divide by 10 and 100. We are also focussing on the 7 times table.  Please remember to have some time on TT Rockstars at home over the weekend. Which number is the odd one out? See if your child can do this and explain to you why....720,  2.7,  2,700,  270,  27.  Answers and explanations on a 'Post-it' to impress me and earn extra team points. 

Our attendance has dropped for the past three weeks; a few holidays but quite a lot of sickness. With this, the reading numbers have also deteriorated. I awarded a double merit to the 8 children who met the minimum requirement of 5 reads this week. Standards need to remain high, especially leading up to a holiday because lots of learning opportunities are being missed and standards start to slip. A particular well done to the Superstar Readers who are Eloise, Ila, Neve, Scott, Robin, Emma, Sienna and Ashton. Come on everyone else make the last full school week of 2018 a good one! 

We still have about seven DT models left for you to purchase.  If your child would like theirs it is £3.

Have a lovely weekend.  The secret word is 'navigation'.

From Miss Studley and Miss T.