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C of E Primary School

Living Things and their Habitats

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New Science Learning Takes Off

Our new science unit has started well.  We have considered the five main animal groups (see the Knowledge Organiser that was sent home and is on the website). We have also been learning about environmental changes that can pose a danger to animals living in certain habitats. We will continue on next week.  Remember to sign and return your permission slip for our walk to Mill Lane. If you have lost the letter come and see me or write a note to give permission and send it in. 

In maths we have learning more efficient ways to multiply 3 one-digit numbers. Ask your child what a factor pair is.  Also see if they tell you about a prime number. 

We welcomed Mrs Newman into one of our English lessons this week. It's good to see what is happening in other year groups.  We hope that Mrs Newman enjoyed our lesson on direct speech. It's another skill to include in our adventure story writing unit that is still ongoing. 

We have our session of parkour on Wednesday.  The classes that have already had their turn were very upbeat about it so we're looking forward to it. 

We don't have many boys in Y3/4 playing football in our after school club on a Tuesday. If your son is free on that evening come and sign up.  Either tell me or pop into the office. 

Congratulations to Emma on winning the cinema voucher in the hot dinner draw.  Emma often has a school dinner. It would be good to see more of you trying it. We are in the process of overhauling the menu choices so look out for the changes coming soon.  

We had 17 children who achieved their Superstar Reader target of 5 this week.  Let's see if we can improve on that next week. 

Happy weekend! The secret word this week is 'habitat'. 

Miss Studley and Miss T.