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The Romans have arrived.

We have had a very enjoyable week in Year 4.  Well, I've enjoyed it anyway!! The week started off in a most positive way with 15 children bringing in the secret phrase to show that they had read the blog.  This was a record for a Monday and set the positive vibe for the week.  Following on from that I was thrilled to see some children who have not previously been good at home reading joining in to contribute to our Superstar readers star total; brilliant! I'm particularly proud of Toby and Carson who have achieved their gold star for the first times.  Their beaming smiles lit up the room; well done boys. 

We have started our Romans topic this week.  We are discovering that the Romans were responsible for inventing lots of things.  Ask your child to name a few.  We are planning to use this to inspire a DT (Design Technology) project, but as the children are planning this with us we don't know what we'll be making yet; how exciting! 

I have loved teaching maths this week.  We have been learning about length and perimeter.  The children really seemed to take to drawing their shapes and measuring them.  You know it has been a good lesson when you tell the children to pack away and you hear groans of discontent because they want to carry on working.  Next week we start a block on multiplication and division.....let's hope we get the same response!

In English we have written a diary entry inspired by the film clip 'Taking Flight'. We have all learned lots of new vocabulary including our favourite word of the week which is 'oblivious.'  I'm going to make that the secret word this week too. 

We have been doing some lovely work in Guided Reading.  We are reading a text called Dog Alert.  The children are really trying to empathise with the main character who is disabled.  It has inspired lots of interesting discussion. 

Our featured photograph this week is the poppy wreath that we made as a class to lay at the Bradwell memorial.  Read Mr Young's blog for more details on that service.

Have a great weekend.

From Miss Studley and the Y4 Team.