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C of E Primary School

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We welcomed Peter Abbott into our classroom

Thank you to Peter Abbott,  a local man,  who was invited into our topic lesson this week.  It was a privilege to have Peter come in to talk to us about his experiences as a child in WW2. Peter, who was 10 in 1939, told us how he was living on a farm near Norwich when war broke out. He recalls being outside picking plums with his father when Chamberlain announced war. 

Ask your child to recount some more of Peter's experiences.  It was fascinating to hear these first hand accounts of real life during the war from the air raids to what it was like at school. The children were impeccably behaved and asked lots of sensible questions. At the end more children went up to him as they wanted a chance to speak to him personally which shows their true passion for the subject.  Peter commented on their good behaviour and how many children thanked him before he left. He is pictured above as he addressed the class. 

We will follow his visit up next week as we take on his accounts further. 

Briefly, we will be doing area in maths and kennings poetry in English. We have just started both so ask your child about them. 

See you at parent evening either Weds or Thursday evenings next week.  There are still spaces.  The sheets are on the wall by the home-time door. 

The children have been given a song booklet today for the school play we will be doing. We will be casting roles early next week so that we can give out scripts ahead of half term holiday. It is pirate themed with an emphasis of cleaning up our environment of plastic. 

See you all next week, happy weekend.

Secret word is 'victory'.