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C of E Primary School

Rivers, Mountains and More

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Our Geography study comes to an end.

This week the children have been learning about some mountain ranges in Europe.  They should also be able to name and locate some major rivers. We discussed how some rivers can run through more than one country. Why is it impossible for the River Thames to do this? Discuss this at home together. Out of interest how many of you have a World map on display at home? I have found that the children are very inquisitive about learning about countries so please use this as an opportunity to help satisfy their curiosity.  I found the children have quite a low knowledge starting point in this area but they love it so please use this enthusiasm to promote their geographical knowlegde. 

We are very excited about starting our next project on Monday.  We will be focussing on art, more specifically printing and clay sculpture. I can not say too much about the finished product that we will be making because it is a surprise but look out for the knowledge organiser, which is almost finished, so you can talk through the language and skills the children will need for a successful art unit. We are going to the 6th form college on Thursday for a lesson to learn some techniques for working with clay. More information to follow. 

Well done to the 2nd group of children (pictured above) who completed their Bikeability cycling training this week. The final group will have their sessions on 25th and 26th March. I will sending out the permission slips any day now. The instructors were very impressed with the group.  If your child is still yet to have their turn and you know they are a little less confident please get out on bikes as much as possible before the 25th March. 

In maths, we have continued and will continue our work on fractions next week. We are getting good at finding equivalent fractions. We will be moving on to finding fractions of amounts next week. 

In English, we have just finished our unit on persuasive letter writing.  We will be doing our hot task early next week before we move onto learning about playscripts. This fits well with our Plastic Pirates play that we are making good progress with right now.  Please continue practising lines and songs at every opportunity.  How are the costumes coming along?  We perform the play on Wednesday 3rd April but will need costumes in before then to have our dress rehearsal. 

16 children earned their Superstar Reader sticker this week, with only one child who didn't read at all. Let's push a few more up to the minimum 5 weekly reads.  I'm trying to get this class to be as conscientious as last year's class but we are not quite hitting it yet. Thank you to those of you who encourage the 5 reads every week. We are trying to promote reading for pleasure in school so we hope the children are keen to read at home too. 

If you have any reading books at home that are examples of playscripts we would love to see them in class next week. 

The secret word of the week is 'island'. 

Happy weekend

Miss Studley and Miss T