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C of E Primary School

Hello to the Summer Term

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A new term with new challenges and opportunities

Welcome back to the summer term.  This is a very short half term so we have to be very wise with our time. particularly as we have our residential to Kingswood in less than 2 weeks.

On the note of Kingswood I have been busy doing all the prep behind the scenes. Please come to the parent meeting on Friday next week to find out more and ask any last minute questions. It takes place in the hall at 2.30pm.  I sent home some important information with your child yesterday. Firstly, a kit list (as you can see from the list there is nothing specialist required which is why you are only just receiving the list).  It is more intended as a guide to help you with the packing. Just to clarify, we will not be swimming at Kingswood. There is also a photography permission slip that needs to be returned. The third letter in yesterday's pack was the medical and specific needs form. Please use this form to write down if you wish for me to administer any medicines to your child or if there are any little things that it would be useful for me to know. 

Please note that on the day of departure we are not leaving until after lunch so your child will need to bring their usual lunch on that Wednesday. 

We have our second swimming lesson on Monday. Please ensure that all jewellery is removed and left at home on a swimming day.  It is much easier and safer that way. If your child has recently had their ears pierced the ruling is that they will need to cover their earrings with waterproof tape and pull their hats fully over the area to minimise the risk of the tape falling off. I would make the plea that if you are thinking of allowing your child to have their ears pierced that it would be ideal to have it done at the beginning of the summer holidays but especially not during their swimming block. 

In English we have started a new block of writing speeches. We are reading a book by Tom McLaughlin called The Accidental Prime Minister. We have also looked at the famous speech by Martin Luther King.  Ask them about it.  Can you share any other famous speeches with your child? Look online. It will help to build an understanding of the purpose of this genre of writing. 

In maths we are continuing to work on our decimals.  This week we started dividing by 10/100/1000,  depending on your child's ability. 

Our topic is Geography based.  We have been looking at land uses and natural resources of countries in Europe. There is so much to learn. Any time you want to spend looking at this at home would be hugely beneficial. 

Several children are getting very close to completing their Superstar Readers bookmark; that's brilliant and shows a commitment to reading and clearly lots of support from home - thank you! 

Have a great weekend.  If you'd like to track me running my 7th London Marathon on Sunday you can do so on the tracker.  This can be found on the London Marathon website. My number is 32948. The race starts at 10.10a.m. I hope that I provide inspiration to the children doing something that I am hugely passionate about. Any time under 3 hours 35 minutes would be a personal best. 

From Miss Studley and Miss T. 

Secret 'word' is 26.2.