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The Kingswood Countdown is on!

Now that Kingswood is only a few days away we have been thinking about it and making the final preparations.  Thank you to those of you who were able to make it to today's meeting. If you missed it and have any questions please see me on Tuesday. The meeting was mainly to show you some of the activities the children will be experiencing and the finer arrangements for the trip. 

To summarise, please bring your child's case to the hall on Wednesday morning at the usual school start time. We will store luggage in the hall until our departure time of 1pm.  As we will not be leaving school until after lunch it is important that your child brings or orders a school lunch in the usual way for the Wednesday. 

It is not necessary to wave your child off at 1pm, but of course if you think this will not cause upset and you are in the area please feel free to do so. We are expecting the coach at the Homefield Ave main entrance but sometimes the coaches collect us from the playground entrance. 

We are not permitting any electronic devices because the trip is very much about connecting with the great outdoors.  There is also very little spare time.  Our timetable is jam-packed.  A reading book or note book would be fine. I would encourage a disposable camera but this is optional.  I will be taking lots of photographs and will copy them onto a memory stick for anyone who requests it. 

If you would like your child to purchase a souvenir there is an on-site gift shop.  It also sells a limited selection of sweets and confectionery. However, the Kingswood menu is very extensive and plentiful so no one should go hungry. I would suggest an amount of between £5 and £10 would be more than enough. 

A massive plea to you to ensure that all items are labelled with your child's name.  If any items go astray they are always reunited when a name is inside. Please do not risk any expensive items but minimise the risk of loss with labels.  The general rule is LABEL EVERYTHING. 

I have looked at the long term weather forecast and it looks like we might get some rain. Waterproof trousers, a jacket and sturdy footwear will be essential.  Pack a few spare carrier bags so I can encourage the children to separate their clean items from their dirty ones. 

We will be leaving Kingswood at 1.30pm on the Friday.  West Runton is an hour away so, traffic depending, we should be back comfortably by the end of the school day. We will notify you by text if there are any changes. If you have any reason to contact me or your child in an emergency situation please ring school if it is during the day. If it is the evening you will need to ring the Kingswood centre.  It is reassuring to know we are only an hour away. We will send a courtesy text to update you once we arrive and at timely intervals during the trip. 

Remember that Monday is bank holiday so we will see you all back on Tuesday morning. 

The secret word is 'adventure'. 

From Miss Studley and Miss T.