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Post Kingswood Reflection

This week's featured photo was taken on the morning we left Kingswood.  Everyone was feeling a bit weary at this point but we still had a morning of activities to go at this point. We had a great time. 

The experience revealed a few surprises; some children who I thought would try everything didn't and those who I thought may struggle embraced the activities. One thing it has shown me is that our children need to put themselves out of their comfort zone a little bit more. Some of the adrenaline activities were quite hard and no one was put in a difficult position but some children showed a lot more resilience than others for some activities such as archery and laser. I hope your child gained a lot from the experience such as learning to be away from home and work in close proximity to a group of people increasing their independence. 

This week we were straight back into swimming. We have a further 4 lessons (the next 4 Mondays in school).  Whilst Mrs Kirby, the swimming teacher, is happy to loan a hat to anyone who forgets theirs it would be good to see more children with their own hat.  They are progressing well.

In maths this week we have started a unit on money.  Please expose them to counting their coins and notes where possible.  We have even talked about bank accounts. It's never too early to start teaching the important life skill of managing money.  If your child has a bank account why not sit down with them and look at a statement.  This will put their learning in a real life context. 

In English we will be continuing the unit on speeches. We will be fitting this around assessments that take place next week. 

Our new RE block is exploring what it means to belong to the Muslim community. 

Our secret word is 'community'. 

Have a great weekend, from Miss Studley and Miss T.