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C of E Primary School

Well on the Road with the Romans

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Who was Boudicca?

We have had another good week of learning in our topic lessons.  Ask your child to tell you all about Boudicca.  We have also been learning how strong the Roman army was and how it dominated across Europe and northern Africa.  Next week we will be learning about what the Romans did for us and how we have found out about the past with the help of archaeologists and historians collecting evidence. 

In maths we have been learning about time. The 24-hour clock has been taught.  It would be really useful if you see that your child is struggling with this to encourage them at home. If they have a watch keep asking them what the time is and get them to tell you what that time is as a 24-hour clock time. It is a really useful skill that is essential in everyday life.  Ask them what happened to my mum once when she arrived at the airport for her flight to Bangkok! 

In English we have started our poetry unit which we will be continuing next week. Nonsense poetry is lots of fun; we have had lots of giggles. We are making a display in the classroom reminding us how to write good nonsense poetry. The main message is to 'embrace absurdity'. Check out poetry by Edward Lear, Spike Milligan and Lewis Carroll if you want to support your child at home. 

Miss T and I have had to be extra firm this week in lessons.  We have noticed that, for some children, standards are starting to slip a little. The content and quality of work in their books has not shown as much progress as the rates earlier in the year. I know it is approaching the end of the school year but we still have lots of learning and things to achieve daily. You are invited in to class next Weds (19th) for a read, share and review session.  Come and have a look for yourselves.  We are, of course, proud of our achievements but this needs to be maintained and built on in these last few weeks to prepare them for the challenges of Year 5. Please back this up with a conversation at home about keeping a strong work ethic right up until the end of term. 

Thank you to the majority of you who have returned your trip slips for the trip to Colchester Castle (Fri 28th June).  There are 5 slips outstanding so please get them in at your earliest convenience. 

We have two more swimming sessions so please remember kits on Monday. 

Have a great weekend.  The secret word is 'aqueduct'.  

From Miss Studley and Miss T.