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All Aboard HMS Homefield

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Sailor Bear watches proudly over his fleet of ships!

Thank you to those of you who have taken our class bear on a weekend adventure so far in Year 4. I am sure you will meet him soon if he hasn't stayed with you yet. He heads up the fleet of ships you can see featured in this week's photo. Each ship is named after one of our subjects.  We are looking for a captain for each ship.

This week we were delighted to make Grace the captain of the Writing ship because she has showed great skill and leadership in this area of the curriculum.  She is now on the lookout to recruit her writing crew and add them to her ship. So if you want to join Grace then you need to demonstrate a good standard of writing. We hope to get a maths captain soon too, along with all the other subjects. 

In English we have been reading adventure stories and looking for all the techniques used by an author to write a good adventure story.  We will continuing this next week. In maths we have been partitioning four-digit numbers in different ways.  Mr Young joined us on Tuesday for maths.  He was very pleased with our learning so well done everyone! We have one more week on Place Value next week. 

Yesterday, I sent home the science knowledge organiser for our new topic block of learning that we start next week.  Please ensure you share it together at home to give your child a good head start on some the scientific language and concepts we will be learning. The topic is 'States of Matter'.  We will be looking at liquids, solids and gases and how materials change. 

I am thrilled with the level of engagement and enthusiasm with the multiplication tables check. Your children are clearly practising at home on the recommended computer programs.  Miss T has been checking their speed and accuracy one at a time and, although we have started with the less challenging tables, we are impressed nonetheless. We keep a big chart on display in the class to show who is proudly progressing through their multiplication tables. Remember, they only have 4 seconds per calculation so they need to be speedy. 

If anyone in the class has a medical need, such as using an inhaler for asthma, please check with me that I have an up-to-date care plan. I will be checking but if you alert me it is better to do something twice than to miss something important. A care plan is needed even if your child only uses an inhaler occasionally. It is still a medical need that we need to be aware of. Thank you for your cooperation. 

I now have the majority of the Kingswood permission slips in; thank you.  A text reminder went out today to the five that are still outstanding.  If you have misplaced the letter you can write a note to say you give permission.  This still counts. 

The secret word for this week is 'Adventure'.  Have a great weekend. 

From Miss Studley and Miss T.