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C of E Primary School

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Science investigation gets us thinking. 

This week's featured photo shows some of the pupils drying their piece of material with a hairdryer.  They had to set up an investigation to find the quickest way to dry wet clothes, thinking about the process of evaporation.  Ask your child which method they chose. 

One more week before we break up next week; let's make it a good one.  There has been a little bit of inappropriate play going on outside at lunch time towards the end of this week.  Mr Young has reminded the whole school that play-fighting is unacceptable because someone always ends up getting hurt.  Thank you for your support in reiterating this with your child.  

Can I remind you of this website to help with the multiplication tables:  When you go in, click on Multiplication tables check and you will be able to practise tables with a time limit. This will mimic the actual check they will be doing in June. 

Eleven pupils have had letters sent home today.  It is another copy of the home details to fill in so we have the up-to-date contact details.  Please complete and return because it is a lot of wasted paper and time for our office staff to keep chasing these. 

I will be seeing you next Tuesday or Thursday for parent evenings.  Until then,  have a lovely weekend.  The secret word is 'dilemma'. 

From Miss Studley and Miss T.